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Planning Your Next Home Remodel

Worker's hands measuring a piece of wood.

We’re all spending more time at home right now, and it’s tempting to look around and see the things that need a little help. What should you consider before taking on a home remodel project?

1. Look at your home’s structure. Sure, it sounds great to knock down that wall and create a large “great room.” But is that a load-bearing wall? Before you get started on a big project like wall removal, it’s important to consult a construction specialist.

2. Think about your overall vision for your home. How long do you plan to live here? If you are planning to age-in-place, think about ways to make areas more accessible by minimizing steps and widening hall spaces. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Maybe it’s a good time to look into a sun porch or backyard living space.

3. Consider resale value. If you plan to move within the next few years, think about ways to increase your home’s value. Adding a bathroom, remodeling your kitchen, and putting a deck on your home can help your home sell for more and the best part is… you can enjoy those home improvements now! Likewise, extensive customization to suit your own personal preferences may not fit the taste of your home’s next owners. Keep that in mind before investing in a project.

4. Take your home’s style into account. An open floor plan may not work in an older home. A farmhouse style might not suit a newer build. Browse online magazines and Pinterest for looks that fit your home, your own personal style, and your budget.

5. Speaking of budget… Plan ahead for a big remodel, and consider a home equity loan if needed. Be sure to build in a “cushion” to manage any unexpected costs that may arise.

6. Consult a professional. Find a trusted, experienced construction contractor to help you carry out your next remodel. DIY always looks good on a TV show, but what those shows don’t portray is the extensive stress and unnecessary expenses that are part of most DIY projects.

The team at ML Taylor Construction is here to serve you with virtual consultations to discuss your next project. Give us a call at 765-529-8011 or visit to set up your consultation.

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