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Does your roof need a checkup?

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Violent summer storms, big temperature swings in the winter, and windy Indiana days can all mean bad news for your roof. Depending on the age and type of roof you have, it may be time for a roof checkup. By contacting a trusted local contractor like ML Taylor Construction, you can find out if your roof needs to be repaired and replaced.

What goes into a roof checkup?

When ML Taylor Construction inspects your roof for damage, we’ll first do a careful walk around your home or business. We’ll look for any obvious cracks and damage to your roof and other aspects of your property’s exterior.

After this initial check, we’ll get on top of your roof to closely inspect your shingles (or metal if you have a metal roof. We’ll be looking for any missing pieces in your roof’s asphalt, along with any cracks or dents. Our trained professional will also check your ridge cap for any damage.

What if my roof needs repaired or replaced?

ML Taylor Construction will give you an honest assessment of your roof. If it’s fine, we’ll tell you so. If it needs repaired, we’ll specify what needs to be done. If it needs to be replaced due to storm damage, we’ll work with your insurance and provide the necessary paperwork.

When you work with ML Taylor Construction, you can be confident that your roof replacement will be done correctly, providing value for years to come.

How can I request a roof checkup?

Contact ML Taylor Construction at 765-529-8011 for a no-cost, no-obligation roof assessment for Henry County residents. (Outside of Henry County, the cost is $25 which is applied to the bill once you decide to have ML Taylor manage your roof project.)

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