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Partnering To Provide Accessibility Options: ML Taylor Construction Becomes Medicaid Waiver Service

Updated: Mar 6

Partnering To Provide Accessibility Options: ML Taylor Construction Becomes Medicaid Waiver Service Provider

ML Taylor Construction is a family-owned company that believes every client deserves a home they love, and also a home that is safe and meets their needs. With this focus, the company worked directly with LifeStream to become a certified Medicaid Waiver Service Provider through the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).

“We were approached by a customer who works with LifeStream to provide renovations to create an accessible bathroom, and knew we needed to pursue this certification,” noted Jhordan Carroll, Office Manager.

ML Taylor began the process of becoming certified in March 2023 and received approval in October 2023. Medicaid waiver projects will follow a structured bid format to ensure everything is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Owner Robby Taylor and Sales/Project Manager Rick West have been providing these bids, and since becoming certified, they average at least ten requests for Medicaid Waiver Service Provider projects per week. For these projects, they will follow HIPAA guidelines and never disclose client information.

Through the waiver, ML Taylor Construction can provide ramps, ADA bathrooms, and other projects designed to meet the needs of each client. ML Taylor is committed to following HIPAA guidelines and will never disclose information about clients who receive these services through Medicaid.

"We knew we had to get approved when we found out that our surrounding counties had no contractors approved to provide these services," Jhordan added. “The program is essential to the community. We are so excited to be able to provide clients with more accessible homes so they can continue to live independently."

To ensure your accessibility project is covered by the Medicaid Waiver, it must begin with LifeStream. For more information about the services LifeStream provides or to start a Medicaid waiver request for your home renovation, contact LifeStream at

For more information about the other services provided by ML Taylor Construction, contact us at or call 765-529-8011.

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