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Dream Patio Becomes A Reality

Patio area after construction

For the better part of two decades, Kathy Robbins wanted a bigger patio. The small slab of concrete outside the family’s back door just wasn’t enough space to spread out and enjoy their backyard. Years went by and Kathy went from having an in-home day care to her current role operating Building Blocks Preschool. In the meantime, her daughter Kaylee began her teaching career and son Kyle and husband Kirk poured time and energy into Kyle’s racing career. The dream of a large patio seemed to be slipping away.

When the plan to expand the family’s garage came into the conversation, Kathy knew this was her chance to get the patio she’d always dreamed of. She and Kirk turned to the team at ML Taylor Construction to plan out an ideal space for their backyard.

The new space is a covered patio that extends along the back of the Robbins’ home. With roofing and siding to match their house, the outdoor living space looks as if it were part of the original design of the home. Under the roofed patio, they have placed an eating area, porch rocker, outdoor furniture, and a sign that says, “Welcome to our porch.” The space was finished off with landscaping from Central Indiana Hydroseeding.

“We haven’t eaten inside all summer,” shared Kathy. She explained that the porch has allowed multiple generations to gather for Sunday dinner, ranging from great-grandparents to toddlers.

“This is where our family wants to be on a Sunday afternoon.”

This is their new patio with an extended garage!

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