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Keeping Your Yard Fun & Safe: Deck Safety with ML Taylor Construction

Deck looking into back yard

Deck Safety with ML Taylor Construction

ML Taylor Construction considers your family’s safety one of our top priorities. While you may know us for our interior remodeling and home additions, we also provide innovative and high-quality outdoor living solutions. As you enjoy the warmer months ahead, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Fire pit safety: To keep your deck and patio safe for the people you care about, be sure the firepit is at a good distance from anything flammable. Check to see if the pit is secured on a non-flammable surface. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

  • Pool decks: Does your deck connect to a pool? Check for split wood to avoid splinters as little bare feet walk, or rather run, around the poolside. Also, equip your deck with safety and flotation devices to help struggling swimmers!

  • Accessibility: Make sure your deck can be accessed by your friends with mobility issues. Say the front deck is at a higher level than the rest of the house. You will want to confirm that there are no loose floorboards or screws to avoid any significant injuries.

  • Railing safety: At ML Taylor Construction, we ensure that all rail slats are at an appropriate distance and are secured. Inspect your railings regularly to make sure they are sturdy and ready for your family to lean on while enjoying the deck.

Whether it’s a front or back deck, covered or uncovered, everyone’s deck means something different to them. If you are looking for a licensed, insured contractor to create a beautiful and SAFE outdoor living space, contact ML Taylor Construction for an estimate. Get started here.

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