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Your bathroom needs an update!

Bathroom in need of an update

Whether you want to admit it or not, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. For some people, their morning or nightly shower is the most relaxing moment of the day. So why not splurge a bit to ensure your bathroom is an enjoyable place to be?

Changing small aspects of your bathroom can totally transform and give it a whole new look. Give your bathroom a simple facelift or an overall redo with these ideas…

Cabinets: Installing cabinets provides an instant visual impact and gives more storage space to hold items you might need access to in your bathroom. You can also add pullout shelves to existing cabinets to increase storage efficiency.

Toilet: Replace the toilet to make your bathroom look clean, shiny and new. Other options are to install a new toilet seat or add matching accessories such as a towel bar or a toilet paper holder.

Shower/Bathtub: Swap out your showerhead and other hardware to treat yourself to a whole new showering experience. If this isn’t enough, go for a whole new shower/tub. Add a bathtub with whirlpool jets or put in a shower that doubles as a steam shower.

ML Taylor Construction’s team is here to make your bathroom expectations a reality. Give us a call at 765-529-8011 to set a date and time that works for you to design your new bathroom.

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