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Serving Those Who Serve: Adam's Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Dog snuggling on couch- representing service dogs

M.L. Taylor Construction appreciates hearing from our customers, but this review was moving for everyone on our team. Thank you to Adam B. for sharing your experience with M.L. Taylor Construction. Thank you for recognizing our hard-working team. We are fortunate to have them all!

But most of all, to Adam and your K-9 officer, we thank YOU for your service to our community!

(Adam’s review mentions our team playing fetch with his dog. Don’t miss the video!)

Here is what Adam B. had to say in December 2022:

I recently had M.L. Taylor Construction complete a large-scale addition to my farmhouse as well as re-side the entire home. We also had them take out a load-bearing wall in the interior, along with placing down brand-new flooring throughout the lower level of the home. I received several quotes and a wide range of timelines with some companies telling me it would be over a year to even begin on the project. M.L. Taylor Construction not only provided me with a fair quote, but a manageable timeline! I couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to choose Rick and his team at M.L. Taylor Construction!

Rick, Jhordan, and the crew of M.L. Taylor Construction were among the best to work with that I have ever seen. As a law enforcement officer, I have seen firsthand the carnage that some homeowners have gone through due to an illegitimate or poorly run company. I can assure you that this was not the case with M.L. Taylor Construction! Any and everything that I needed they went above and beyond to get done and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Rick would go as far as to answer my questions and return my calls when he was on vacation or not even in the office!

As you might expect, this project took close to three months from beginning to end and there were times that I couldn’t be home. The anxiety that having strangers in my home was bad enough without factoring in the experiences I have seen throughout my career. M.L. Taylor construction however wasn’t strangers and even felt like family! It was nothing for me to come home and see the guys playing fetch with my K9 partner when I would come home as they went in and out to get things for the project!

The attention to detail was second to none, Rick would not tolerate anything except for absolute perfection in my home. Rick and his crew even went out of their way to fix things in my home which wasn’t even under the contract!

All in all, I cannot say enough about the crew at M.L. Taylor Construction! They were fair, did a phenomenal job in our home, and made me feel in control the entire time, which is unbelievably rare in today’s standards. I must brag that Jhordan not only was on the spot answering any business office questions but, went out of her way to make sure that I was stress-free and all financial transactions were seamless!

If you’re looking for a highly rated, professional, and courteous contractor to do your next job big or small, then look no further than M.L. Taylor Construction, I am glad I did!

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